Kitchen Products

Cone Style Reusable Coffee Filter

Made of the highest quality all hemp
fabric, this
coffee filter saves paper,
saves money, and makes
a perfect cup of
coffee every time.
Available in #2, #4, and #6 sizes.
Rinse after use and this filter
will last for years.

# 2 Cone Filter....$7.49
# 4 Cone Filter....$7.99
# 6 Cone Filter....$8.99
Basket Style Reusable Coffee Filter

The hemp basket style
coffee filters are available
in 2 sizes.
Mini.....2-4 cup.
Full-size.....6-12 cup.
Rinse after use and this filter
will last for years.

Mini Basket Filter
Full-Size Basket Filter

Hemp Tea Bag

Our small hemp tea bag
is suitable for brewing
either a quick cup of tea
or a full pot
for a more relaxing break.
The large tea bag
is perfect for
herbal baths or bath salts.
The extra large size tea bag
doubles as both a sprout bag
and a jelly bag. Instructions are
included on the label.
Rinse between uses, let dry,
and reuse for years.

Small Hemp Tea Bag
Large Hemp Tea Bag
Extra Large Hemp Tea Bag
Hemp Hot Pad

This all hemp hot pad is double thickness,
with a loop for hanging. It can be used
as a soft trivet
as well as a traditional hot pad.
The pattern on the front will make it
an attractive item hanging
in any kitchen.

Hot Pad / Soft Trivet $21.99
Hemp Beverage Can Sleeve

Our hemp bverage can sleeve
absorbs condensation, protecting your furniture,
and also offers slight cooling
in the same way a wine bag keeps wine cool.

Beverage Can Sleeve

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